Authentic Manhood Information

What Is a Man?

How Does a Man Act?

How Do I Become a Man?

These are great questions which rarely find great answers because manhood today is in a state of confusion that has left men lost and wandering, desperately seeking meaning and purpose in their lives.

Masculinity has been so devalued and ridiculed by our culture that men are filled with guilt, shame and inadequacy about being a man. In response to this dumbed-down vision of manhood, Christ in the Tetons presents a proven, powerful and biblical vision of authentic manhood because the hour has come to call men up to a higher, nobler masculinity.

Where there is no vision, the people perish - Proverbs 29:18

Our culture proclaims that boyhood is free and fun, and manhood is merely burdensome and boring. But the Bible proclaims a whole different vision of manhood, a vision of adventure and excitement, a vision of honor and courage, a vision of integrity and truth, and most importantly, a vision of abundant and everlasting life.

Manhood was designed by God to be the ultimate adventure, and Christ in the Tetons offers a vision that committed men can use to live that adventure every day for a lifetime.