Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring more than one son?

No. Our experience is designed from the ground up to connect one heart to one heart. That's what builds a relationship.

How scary are the activities?

Our high adventure activities will definitely get your blood pumping, but no one will be pushed into anything they don't feel comfortable doing. We will encourage you to be adventurous, but most of all we want you to have a great time.

How physically fit do I need to be?

Our adventures are designed so that almost anyone can participate. Of course, the better shape you are in, the more fun you will have.

What are our age limits?

Our minimum age is 14, and there is no maximum age. On every adventure, we have 25, 35 even 45 year old sons attend with their fathers. The broad mix of ages really works great.

How many people attend our adventures?

Our adventures are small so that we can have a more powerful experience together. They are limited to 5 sets of fathers and sons.

Can you help me have a healthy relationship with my son?

Every week we see relationships transformed from unhealthy to healthy. It is hard to make promises because so much depends on your commitment to courageous action. However, we have been blessed with an abundance of success in building strong, healthy relationships.

Could I attend with a young person I am mentoring?

We describe our adventures as father and son, but we welcome and encourage the attendance of committed mentors and their proteges.

Would this be something for me and my son-in-law?

We regularly have father-in-law and son-in-law attend. What a great way to invest in the father of your grandchildren.